The Way of God

Part 2   Practical Living  (4/4)

40. You shouldn't pretend to have received blessings from God and boast of falsehoods. This dishonest behavior will invite the wrath of God.
The Founder Konko Daijin said that you ought to reflect on your past blessings given by God and take good care of them.
It is important that you reflect on God's blessings everyday. People are liable to exaggerate their blessings. What is the use of telling a nice story when you can't accept God's blessing ?
If you pretend to accept God's blessings, then you are nothing but a liar. You must thank God for even small blessings and pile up good works through praying repeatedly so that you can obtain great blessings. You must pray to God not only for yourselves but for others.

41. It is unnecessary to make a pilgrimage to my house to worship God. You can worship God at your house.
The Founder Konko Daijin stressed that God is found everywhere. God's power is full of the universe, and you can pray to God in all places.
Konko Daijin taught that you must always keep going ahead to the sacred world of God.

42. Pray to God, and all your prayers will be answered.
The Founder Konko Daijin taught that God gives bounty to all people according to their pure mind. He recommended that they pray to God regarding all things.
Konko Daijin often praised those worshipers who went straight toward the sacred. It rests with the individual as to the bounty bestowed from God.

43. See with your mind's eye. You are a human being, and so am I. We are given the same intelligence by God, and must thank God more and more deeply.
God blesses all things every time and everywhere, and the universe is full of the power of God. It is not important whether you visit my house to pray to God or not. It is better to pray to God on the spot. It is not required to visit my house in an emergency. Instead depend on your own prayers.
When you have the pain of sickness or a disaster befalls you, you should pray to God on the spot; in the mountain, field, sea, river, or road. You need to accept immediately God's protection. My house is certainly far from you.
God always notices and blesses you every time and everywhere. there is no problem whether you are far or near from God.
Konko Daijin said that human beings are a microcosm. Humans can act freely under God's blessing. You will do well in your business according to the depth of your daily faith. And you must take care not to neglect your faith.
When you neglect your duties and become full of pride, God lessens the bounty which flows to you. You will notice through your practice and God's blessing that you can cultivate ten acres a day instead of seven.
Hereupon, Konko Daijin explains that you need to see with your mind's eye.
"Heaven and earth are full of the power of God. God notices through heaven and earth our situation, like mirrors set against each other which reflect all things in the human world : human acts, occurrences, affairs, and so on. I feel that l can recognize all things even if l close my eyes because l look at myself in God's mirrors, reflecting my unity with God."

44. You can stand the summer heat through God's protection. You can notice it through putting your finger on your cold belly. You can also stand the cold in winter by the warmth given by God.
God will bless you day and night until your last breathe. You should depend on God with your whole heart. Every moment, working and sleeping, the human body is full of the mysterious power of God. All things around us appear as the power of God. We live under God's protection and ought to thank each breathe.

45. A cow, being different from a human, doesn't get a cold in the winter. A cow gives birth to her baby without anxiety of the baby's cold even in the very cold time. This is beyond human knowledge. The same is true of a chicken, a bird or beasts in the mountains. It is the dignity Of humans that they should become aware of God's blessings in all things.
The Founder Konko Daijin tells us that not only human beings but animals and plants are given life by God. God controls everything in the macrocosm. In other words, God symbolizes the principles of the macrocosm which controls all movements perfectly.
Humans ought to recognize the law of the macrocosm, namely the power of God, and live consistent with the law.

46. There are many animals and plants obtained from the mountains and the sea as food. God creates hunters and fishermen to catch and sell this food to people to enable them to build up their health and work for their country. You will be able to gradually recognize God's blessings through observing nature.
Our life is abundant in marine and mountain products. We can buy these and maintain our health. We can't control the changes of the seasons. We must endeavor to respect God, and thank God deeply for the bounties bestowed upon us.
When we eat a meal, it is important to call to mind that we are able to maintain our lives by taking the lives of animals and plants.

47. We are pleased to greet the New Year, and offer New Year's decorations and special dishes, and to change our clothes to new ones. These habits mean that people respect all things in their lives.
To begin with, people offer a round mirror-shaped rice-cake. and put up two pine trees -- representing male and female or husband and wife -- at the gate.
People hang a sacred Shinto straw festoon stuck with cut paper shapes at the front door. This sacred straw festoon stands for the hope that people will maintain a positive spirit and keep a strict budget in order to maintain a stable life.
Lucky offerings are sea bream, sea weed, herring roe, and salted food. People have a custom of gathering various crops and renewing their spirits by praying to God at New Year.
We deepen our respect for all things in life through changing our clothes and food on New Year's Day. Some of the original meaning has stayed with us since olden times.
There are a lot of products from the sea, and many animals and plants obtained from the mountains. The foods we receive from each season, are given by God, without human hands.
These are God's blessings.
New Year's Day reminds us of the great blessings of God. We are able to be peaceful, being touched by God's power, a power which expresses itself through various forms of nature, and by controlling the movements of the universe with its faultless law. The Founder of the Konko-kyo religious sect, Konko Daijin called the great power Tenchi- Kane- no- Kami.

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