The Way of God

Part 2   Practical Living  (2/4)

l4. A female is nearer to God, and females should begin to pray to God first.
Considering a female's ability to bear children, Founder Konko Daijin teaches that females are nearer to God.
It is great that the Founder said this during the Edo period, when females were put in a lower social rank than males. Thinking about his story that females must begin to pray to God first, it will be said that females have a more difficult life than males.
Females must purify their minds through birthing, raising their children and managing their home. It is most important that females try to open their minds to pray to God.

15. Receiving God's blessings is the same as flowing water in a washbasin.
If we tip a washbasin towards us, the water will naturally flow in our direction, but as soon as it reaches us it will also flow away from us and over the side.
Thus Founder Konko Daijin teaches that it is beneficial to render good service to other's because it is a behavior in accord with God's mind. But if you try to draw the benefit for only yourself, all benefits will fall away from your life the same as water flowing over the rim of a washbasin.

16. It is better to strike your own head than that of your child if you Want to receive God's blessings.
Parents often scold their children without thinking. But you should reflect on your weak points first, before scolding your child, and endeavor to understand your child's weak points.
You must pray to God, apologizing for your impure mind.

17. Devote yourself to God, pray with your whole heart. Then, you will receive God's blessing like drawing water from a well.
To devote yourself to God means to refresh your mind and produce a more active life.
Don't be at a standstill in your life. Take a step forward into a new life with a renewed mind. Go to the sacred world of God. Heaven and Earth are always moving under the law of nature. The blood in a human body also moves and is renewed, as do the tides, wind, clouds, and social conditions.
You should live in harmony with Heaven and Earth. Through respecting the law of nature, humans are united with God.

18. A Good worshiper needs to take the stiffness out of his or her mind.
Some worshipers pray to God by practicing cold water ablution or observing a fast. At a glance, they seem like difficult practices. Founder Konko Daijin told people that these practices produced a kind of stiffness in their minds.
He stressed that worshipers should use natural behavior which is not affected. When humans respect God as the power of nature and live a religious life, then life is natural and without tension.
Founder Konko Daijin told people, "A good worshiper needs to take the stiffness out of his or her mind. You can release it even in bed."

19. How do you Wash your disposition as easily as your face and hands? You will be able to do it only by praying earnestly with a kind and pure heart.
You need not be strict about formalities of worship. It is more precious to wash your mind with a pure and kindly prayer than to visit the temple or shrine and pray with folded hands.

20. I am a child of God, and so are others. You should try to express your gratitude to God and believe firmly that you live in a sacred world, by loving others the same as yourself.
Others are children of God the same as you.
All people are God's family, but it is very difficult to completely love and help other's the same as yourself.
It is a basic behavior for worshipers that you don't separate yourself from others. You should pray to be saved, and do your best to help others.
While carrying out this prayer, you will be helped by others as God's children. This is the truth of God's blessing.

21. God bestows plenty of blessings to humans, but humans don't notice God's blessings.
Humans often pray to God, complaining about things in their daily life, i. e. money, children, homelife, human relations, physical problems etc, even though God bestows plenty of blessings to humans.
Humans should notice that they can live in peace everyday through the grace of God -- drinking water, breathing fresh air, eating fresh food, all of these are bestowed by God.
Humans should notice that God's love surrounds them and is a gift.

22. Never accept your defeat even for a moment. Forgive the wrath of others. God recognizes open-mindedness and gives blessings. A tolerant person is a good worshiper.
Founder Konko Daijin told people that to lose was to win. You should be free from discord which often occurs through individual differences.
This is the best way for you to walk sure-footed on the same path as the Founder.

23. Pray to God. God makes you prosper in your business. God blesses all sorts of occupations. God notices only your open-mindedness. God's love is spreading infinitely, Holding everything in his arms.
God blesses and loves people without discrimination. People are apt to say that differences in values are either good or bad.
But God blesses people equally and makes them prosper in their businesses, having equal regard for everyone. But, people don't notice that God arranges matters because people can only see the present.
God makes arrangements for your future, even when you think that life isn't working out well for you. By the grace of God everything glides by every day toward a favorable future.

24. You should make way for others in everything. Even though you Carried your baggage into the storehouse first you Can Carry it out last. Open your eyes to the truth.
It might be possible to obtain a profit by thinking of yourself first, but you will not be able to receive blessings from God because God wants you to be very useful to others.
Worshipers ought to behave modestly and sincerely to each other since we are all children of God.

25. Don't suffer from unfortunate memories. If you take good care of today, you will enjoy God's blessings in the future.
Founder Konko Daijin taught that you will be able to receive God's blessings, even if you are under unfavorable circumstances. It is the essence of Konko Daijin's teaching that you will certainly receive God's blessings if you completely depend on God, pray with a pure mind, and thank God and people and all things which are forms of God.
Konko Daijin taught people to cheer up and begin to pray deeply to God. Start afresh to thank God and all things in your life.

26. You shouldn't be anxious about death. You must make arrangements for living. After your death, you will return to the earth.
Founder Konko Daijin tried to give vitality to worshiper's beliefs. As is often the case with worshipers, they think that they have only to pray to be at peace after their death. But, Konko Daijin pointed out that this is an empty pursuit.
He stressed that people must live their best everyday whatever happens.
Konko Daijin said that after your death, you will only return to dust. He looked squarely at the realities of life and taught how to conduct oneself in accordance with heaven and earth.

27. I am only a farmer who never knew anything, but people called me a living God. I call all people living Gods because people are children of God. This means that a living God is reborn in you. In the same way l received great blessings from God, all people will.
Founder Konko Daijin easily explains to people about a living God by telling them that he was only a farmer.
After telling ordinary people about himself, he always stressed that all people are God's children and that God can be reborn in humans.
Founder Konko Daijin said that ordinary humans will become a god through performing sacred acts and thanking God for everything with a pure mind.
He received God's blessing first , and promised people that they would receive God's blessings on the basis of his experience.
He also told people that they need not have special training in life but only a pure mind.
Founder Konko Daijin stressed that all people, females and males, old and young, adults and children. have the abilities to become a living god.
This is the fundamental belief.

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