The Way of God

Part 2   Practical Living  (1/4)

l. Remember to live a quiet life
At the end of the Edo period in Japan, Mr.Hikotaro Sato was afflicted with a heart disease.
As a consequence. he lost his sight. He was at a loss as to what to do. His family and relatives recommended that he become a musician. Mr. Sato began to practice the shamisen, but he soon became deeply disappointed with his efforts. In his depression he tried to drown himself in a well. Fortunately, his family discovered his plan and held him back.
A villager advised him to visit Konko Daijin.
Mr. Sato took his advice and went to Konko Daijin's church.
Mr. Sato told him of his great suffering.
Konko Daijin said, "Remember to live a quiet life. Instead of wallowing in your suffering, pray to God and be of service to people." It is very difficult to pray to God and serve other humans with a purified mind. Nevertheless, Mr. Sato was determined to follow Konko Daijin's advice. As a result, Mr. Sato's eyes began to heal and he could see light again.
As you can see, it is very important to follow the advice of Konko Daijin. This is the proper behavior of a devoted worshiper.

2. Pray to God wherever you are.
In 1881, during the Meiji period, Mr.Chozaburo Sawada visited Konko Daijin with his grandfather, Chohachi, when he was eight years old.
It took them a long time to reach Konko Daijin's church.
Konko Daijin told them, "I am concerned that you have spent a lot of money to make this trip.
You don't need to visit me often. Pray to God with your whole heart wherever you are ; God will accept your prayers."

3. Many people pray to God, but only a few are sincere.
Folding our hands in prayer is not enough. We must give thanks to God to be able to live peacefully in our everyday lives.
God blesses humans through their cooperative work with each other, and recognizes a person's sincere behavior. God values a person who exhibits a pure heart and mind. This is a strict standard of behavior in Konko Daijin's teachings.
It is a pity that there are few people whom God believes in. To be given a blessing by God is to be valued as a sincere worshiper.

4. People utilize the power of God, but fail to see how God utilizes them.
As often is the case with people, they utilize the power of God to protect only their own lives by praying to God for blessings. Looking at the present day, people are using heaven and earth as they wish. As a result of their selfish acts, humans have drained the natural resources.
Consequently, the land and sea have become heavily polluted.
From God's point of view, these human acts contradict love for God, because in nature we find the forms of God.
God cannot accept these acts against nature, because humans have violated the sacred world of God.
You should never forget to use the mind which God has given you to materialize God's sacred world.

5. God will never forget humans as long as humans pray to God.
We sometimes see a man and woman who forget about God immediately after praying. You should keep renewing your prayers and continue to strengthen and purify your mind.
Everyday deepen your faith in God through prayer and thanksgiving. Anyday is a good day to begin your devotion to God.

6. Just as you are a child of God, so is everyone else.
The Founder Konko Daijin teaches us that we must behave towards God with a pure mind, and work in cooperation with him.
Konko Daijin offered people's wishes to God, Tenchi-Kane-no-Kami, and God listened to their suffering. The worshipers were thankful for Konko-Daijin's intervention and wanted to know what they could do. Konko-Daijin told them to have a sincere heart.
"You are all God's children. Everyone is a child of God."
All people are forms of God : males, females, adults and children. All people in the world are sacred like God.
God works to bless everything, everywhere and anytime, through taking the form of humans.

7. Bless us and make us sacred.
Konko Daijin said to the people, "If you want to be a God, even after death you should pray sincerely, and follow the sacred path of God."
He taught people that to become like God, they should take pleasure in all their surroundings.

8. Now my body Can feel warmth and cold, but soon l will lose my body and become a true God, able to protect people.
Just before Konko Daijin's death, he told worshipers, "My body can feel warmth and cold, but soon l will lose my body and become a true God, able to protect people. Tenchi-Kane-no-Kami promised me that after my death, my spirit cotlld play a better role as intermediary between God and humans."
Since his death, Konko Daijin has influenced people for an epoch.

9. The spirit of God does not live in shinto shrines.
You are only able to receive blessings by depending on a living God. Konko Daijin told people, " You can't be a devoted worshiper by only visiting a Buddhist temple or Shinto Shrine.
It is very important to depend on a living God." Thereupon he taught sincere worshipers an essential behavior : they must try to manifest God's work in their daily lives, they should thank God and be pleased with their surroundings.
It is very easy to accept blessings by depending on a living God. You have only to live in harmony with the movement of heaven and earth.
If you oppose nature's rhythm, you will give offense to the will of God. If you can only depend on a living God, by giving yourself entirely to God, you will experience sacred blessings.

10. Even a mother cannot help her dearest child, who becomes seriously ill, without God's blessings.
Without experiencing God's power, humans cannot live in peace. Human power is limited, as in the case of a mother who cannot help her ill child without God's blessing. Humans don't know how to control their heart, lungs and other internal organs. As with their body, humans have no control over anything in their lives, including birth and death. Therefore we must find a way to go to the sacred world of God. That is why we endeavor to enter religious life. In this way, God blesses our lives.
Founder Konko Daijin teaches that all people will become children of God by praying with a pure mind.

11. Don't burden others with your troubles. If you do, you Will miss an opportunity to receive God's blessings.
To depend on God is a strict standard of behavior for worshipers. God will bless and praise worshipers, purifying their mind.
To win God's praise. you must treat others kindly. Don't have others carry the burden of your problems. If you do, you will miss an opportunity to receive God's blessings. God never inflicts suffering on humans, only kindness.

12. The three most important elements of life are heaven, earth and humans.
The three most important elements of life are heaven, earth and humans. Even God cannot benefit without humans because humans create God with their minds. Since the beginning of time, this human world has been organized around the idea of nature as God. God created rice, wheat air, water and all things through coordinated efforts with humans. All things of heaven and earth are forms of God.

13. People must not only read the teachings of Konko Daijin but also put them to use in their daily lives.
It is better to understand the essence of a teaching by reading it once than to recite it all year round. If you recite it a hundred times without a pure mind, your words will vanish and God will not bless you. While you are wasting time and energy on your recitations, you cannot make an effort to work on your business. You will become poor, and slandered and laughed at by others.
Founder, Konko Daijin told people that praying without a pure mind will not deliver your wishes to God.

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